Sunday, 14 October 2018

I suppose sweet corn is biodegradable but it doesn’t really stay on the hook for long so I thought I would improve on nature and use some biodegradable plastic to make some fake baits.  Fake baits are nothing new but very few of them will actually break down over time or could be considered harmless should a fish actually make off with them, leaving the hook behind. Polymorph is a low melt plastic that is easy to work with just requiring a cup of hot water to shape and when cooled its as tough as old boots, maybe tougher.

Using it with a method feeder means you could probably fish a whole session without changing your hook bait, and as I am a lazy old git it works well for me.  

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Solarbaits has scaled things up a little well a lot

In Finland they have a saying “The journey of 10,000 scales begins with a single knife cut.” I just made that up it, but carving 10,000 scales is either dedication above and beyond or something that should be treated in one of those special hospitals they normally stick out in the countryside. Either way the results are by any standard amazing but details aren’t anything unless the bait does what its supposed to do, and boy does it. As a lure maker myself I often struggle with bouts of lure making jealousy and this one isn’t helping, what a piece of work, damn you sir and damn those hands.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Making cockney perch bobbers

I do love a bit float making and float fishing and watching people makes floats and watching people float fish and having ice cream floats in my coffee  and floating down the river and float.......... you get the picture. So these are a couple of videos from Barrie the London Predator Angler making perch bobbers. I have skipped my weekly visit to the psychiatrist for the cheaper and more rewarding therapy that comes from watching a grown man make fishing floats.