Thursday, 25 May 2017

Rigging Soft Plastic Lures, Making the shallow corkscrew rig

I spent Monday morning fishing out of town on one of my favourite lakes that I had largely to myself. The conditions were perfect with just a bit of breeze, warm but with cloud cover. Monday morning at the office I had some pike to catch and something for the end of this video.

I started the session by making an amature mistake; making the first cast without getting my camera out of the bag and setting it up. Predictably it was one of those firsts cast that result in a fish, oddly I was a little disappointed about no camera but happy in way because I had made a good start.

I came, I saw and I caught all on the shallow screw rig and a homemade shad which as I was fishing mostly shallow water was perfect. The price of a great monday on the water is two days of editing and filming the rig making when the sun is shining and you want to get back out there. Happy days. Thanks again guys

Sunday, 21 May 2017

The Awesome Angler

I have been a big fan of the 'Totally Awesome Fishing Show' youtube channel for a long time. This father and son team have made a huge effort to share the joined up basics of fishing, which is often missing from the angling press that seems to be centred on selling things. They have covered everything from catching carp on baked beans to shark fishing and all with a not too serious but informative style.

As well as videos, Mike Pullen the son has started a  FREE Online magazine called, wait for it, ‘The Awesome Angler.’ I can only imagine this is a huge undertaking but again something special that can only encourage others to get out there and catch some fish and also fill up that time between trips.

The current third issue has a mix that covers amongst other things peacock bass fishing stateside, big uk catfish and bigger catfish from Thailand as well as trout on crank baits. These articles come from a range of fishermen and writers that I am not sure you would find in any other magazine out there.

I have posted a link where you can download the Magazine and catch up on the previous two issues. Link to The Awesome Angler Watch out Field and Stream, the Pullens are coming