Saturday, 22 October 2011

Epoxy Putty Lure

Image Above: Solid Epoxy Spoon Lure

So I hand carved the 99e wobbler shown in my last post, through wired it, lead weighted and balanced it, covered its gills with foil, sprayed it with an airbrush, coated it with epoxy, added the bib and hooks. I thought I had the best lure in the world so I bought a new Abu pro-max bait caster reel, thinking I have the best lure I must have the best reel.
I have never used a bait caster so on my first cast I mess up, but I mess up using such force that my lure casts an amazing distance. I was proud until I realise the line has not gone with it and my lure was

out in the north Atlantic free and unattached. Farewell lure, you wobbled beautifully, you dived to just the right depth and surfaced so I could pull you over the weeds and tonight and for ever you will swim with the fishes.

Needless to say I have had to re-arm. This time I have made a spoon style bait using epoxy putty, lead and wire. It is flat backed and rolls from side to side on the retrieve even fluttering to the bottom when the line is let out. It can be used like a jerk bait and rises to the surface quiet easily making splashes a bit like a popper, it is really a good all-rounder.

The idea was to make a lure that had the look of a sand eel and weighed 20grams, perfect for my rod. So I weighed all the materials beforehand and adjusted them as needed. Now I have got used to my pro-max reel the lure casts like a dream and I am not sure if I will ever go back to a fixed spool reel. As for testing the lure, well I need some deeper water as we have had our first snow on the local mountain and the fish have headed out of the shallows. I may have to wait for the boat to go back in the water or make the long walk southwest corner of the island.