Friday, 31 July 2015

Mr Wilson Goes Lure Fishing

A bit of lure fishing from John Wilson who was driven out of Britain by a gang of otters

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Fly Tying from the dark side

I think Isaac Walton would be turning in his grave if it hadn't been ripped open and his bones used in some ritual by this guy.

HCFT 27 - NotaGotcha from chase hancock on Vimeo.

NotaGotcha - Great Variant for a traditional Gotcha, works well on bigger fish. For Deep water sub out the bead chain for lead eyes.


- Gama L11S-3H
- Tan Craft Fur
- Estaz Glissen Gloss
- silly legs
- bead chain (gold)
- fire finnish racoon

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Test Tank Tuesday: Carpe Diem (seize the carp)

It seems like everywhere on earth has a largemouth bass population apart from this lump of wet rock just off the coast of France that I call home, amongst other things. So test tank Tuesday is heading south, very far south to South Africa where luckily for some , largemouth bass were introduced in the 1920's. Apparently Craig, this weeks master of the tub has been a bit busy making jointed glide baits to keep him going through the "winter" and prepared for the up-coming season. (Do they have winter in South Africa? Do they even know what winter means? I might just get the head of the snowman from last winter that the kids made me keep in the freezer and post it too them, my Grandfather used to say it isn't a proper winter until you can kick frozen dog poo across the street)

I digress. These are handmade jointed lures with photo real finishes and epoxy. For me they hover on the right side of what a good bait should be, they have a pinch of uncertainty about their action which only makes it that bit more real rather than a lure out of packet that moves with all the joy of somebody packing chicken wings in boxes. I also really like the Carolina type rig which keeps the lure near the bottom and I may have to try this in the winter (yes a British Winter, damp but with the bonus of being cold and miserable) for pike when they start sleeping on lake bottoms. Check out the rig below

Cheers Craig thanks for sharing