Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Making a Beetle Fishing Lure From Plastic Spoons

I am not sure this lure project really made sense until I added water and then when a pair of eyes swam towards the camera I knew it had that spark.  The plastic spoon lure was an idea I had, had a long while ago and never got to building; mainly because I knew I could make the beetle part but I had no clue how to turn it into a lure. In the end I made the beetle last week and after working over the weekend in the city at the river festival, I came back to it with a plan. Rather just create another wobbler I thought about a drop shot rig which I have been using for pike in the winter when they tend to sit in the mud. As always I am a few seasons behind with my lure making but when weed dies back I should be able to bounce this baby a foot or so off the bottom without the constant fear of losing it. 

Monday, 10 June 2013

el Dorado ............ Golden Dorado

La mejor manera de cubrir un señuelo de pesca son las marcas dejadas por un par de dientes afilados. Gracias a Cholex1000 que me envió un link a un vídeo que ha hecho de su primera pesca de madera señuelos. Ahora quiero vivir en Argentina y para pescar el Dorado (Golden Dorado). Gracias por el video         Google Translate

The best pattern to cover a fishing lure with are the marks left by a pair of sharp teeth. Thanks to Cholex1000 who sent me a link to a video he has made of his first wooden fishing lures. Now I want to live in Argentina and to fish for el Dorado (Golden Dorado).  Thanks for the video