Friday, 17 July 2015

Making a Basic Plastic Glide Bait

Underneath the skin of this slightly overweight, lazy, middle aged man is another slightly overweight, middle aged man who has just ordered pizza. I am it is fair to say blessed with a reluctance to do anything much, after all my middle name is Inertia. So when something comes along that makes lure making less about making and more about the lure I kind of like it. Plastic may be killing our oceans but it is great stuff to make lures out of especially quickly. So for this video I put away the balsa (well left it where it was) and made the long walk down to the cellar to make a quick lure out of polyurethane. The results you can see for yourself, it was a bit heavy and broke the handle on my crap jerk bait rod (this is a hint to a jerk bait rod maker for a freebie, Don't judge I am as broke as my rod) so I my need another one to use in future videos where I may let the camera linger over the label and refer to it a few times (it is worth a try). Enjoy, and as always share the shit out of it. For the rod people my e-mail is (yes I am that cheap)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Jerk, well making one

Do you remeber that film with Steve Martin, well this is not that film it is much better it's Danish Jerk Bait time with Splish Splash

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Test Tank Tuesday Rats

This is the first time Test Tank Tuesday is heading State-side to Texas to take a look at Chandler Johnson's major water rat infestation. Michael Phelps has nothing on these little beauties, check out the rubber tail action on the 5" prototype, after watching briefly I found myself hypnotized and when my wife asked me to the dishes I went right ahead without a second thought (luckily it does ware off). This lure is hand carved from cedar and Chandler also makes and sells other lures under his brand name Limit Lures Link to Website.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Monday morning for some lucky barstools

Well this might of been a Monday Morning but I suspect it was good while back when Mermaids used to regularly lure fishermen from their boats and there were plenty of fish in the seas.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Sunday Book Club: Fishing in Utopia

I always find it hard not fishing on the weekend but still having access to windows, so the fact that the weather would be fine for a day's fishing never escapes me. If I cannot fish myself being transported in an armchair to some distant water is perhaps the next best thing and for this little review I got to travel through Sweden with Andrew Brown, although we have never met.

Fishing in Utopia, is a memoir of life,love, politics and fishing in Sweden viewed through the eyes of a young man coming to terms with adulthood and beyond. What I have enjoyed about this book is the seamless blend of life with fishing as only one aspect rather than a stand alone character. There are no measurements of the anglers greatness or ineptitude, no wide gaps between palms or stories of catching the biggest fish in the lake just a greater depth.

There is a tangible sadness about the book that almost makes some of pages a little heavier than paper ought to be. Loss is written up with a hand that almost makes it feel like a very beautiful surgery, painful none the less. Then there are also the passages where the words effortlessly render that sublime beauty of being by the waters-edge. It is fair to say I often feel I have lived a little after reading this book, I am not sure it will make me a better fisherman but that is a big ask for any author.