Friday, 17 July 2015

Making a Basic Plastic Glide Bait

Underneath the skin of this slightly overweight, lazy, middle aged man is another slightly overweight, middle aged man who has just ordered pizza. I am it is fair to say blessed with a reluctance to do anything much, after all my middle name is Inertia. So when something comes along that makes lure making less about making and more about the lure I kind of like it. Plastic may be killing our oceans but it is great stuff to make lures out of especially quickly. So for this video I put away the balsa (well left it where it was) and made the long walk down to the cellar to make a quick lure out of polyurethane. The results you can see for yourself, it was a bit heavy and broke the handle on my crap jerk bait rod (this is a hint to a jerk bait rod maker for a freebie, Don't judge I am as broke as my rod) so I my need another one to use in future videos where I may let the camera linger over the label and refer to it a few times (it is worth a try). Enjoy, and as always share the shit out of it. For the rod people my e-mail is (yes I am that cheap)

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