Thursday, 8 September 2011

Floats not lures

Image Above: Drying cork floats over the Rayburn

Location: Isle of Erraid, Mull, Scotland

I had an unsuccessful couple of hours fishing from the rocks after high tide, this afternoon. A little disappointed I spent an hour this evening making sliding floats from used wine corks and garden canes. With the boats still out of the water and a weekend of storms due, I may be limited to the rocks for a while yet. There is something quite mesmerizing about watching a float; harry who was fishing alongside using a spinning rod setup kept finding himself drawn in to the waiting game.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Image above: Cleaning out the main boatshed, Harry and co.
Location: The pier, Isle of Erraid, Mull

Sometimes it all comes a little too easy; yesterday while taking the boat to safety before the oncoming storm I trolled my spoon lure creation and landed another Sea Trout just a short way of the island’s pier. Today while cleaning out the large boatshed we came across a box off old cutlery that someone had packaged up to send off to the charity shop. I got a little over excited realising I hand enough spoons to keep me going for the rest of my life.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Image Above: New Spoon Lure

Image Below: The deadly sand fish

My teaspoon handle pirk is no more, claimed by a kelp covered rock. In one way I am a bit sad but it also gives me a chance to move on and make some improvements. So with plenty more spoons in the cutlery draw I went back to the tool-shed. Rather than bash something out I took the basic shape and refined the finish using my current favourite, self-adhesive silver foil. I cross hatched the foil to imitate scales and added a lateral line before overlaying a pectoral fin and gill fold. I used an airbrush to apply a flash of blue acrylic and finished off with a dipped coat of polyurethane.