Saturday, 2 January 2016

Moulding and casting a trout with Smooth-on

This I suppose is aimed at taxidermists and being made by a silicone and resin supplier is a little liberal with the silicone. With that said it is a great video that shows the process of casting from a real fish in some detail. I especially like the fins. Check out the youtube channel for more moulding and casting videos.

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Making Stick Baits with Shigenaga of Japan

For me the perfect holiday would be spending a week locked in another lure makers workshop; I would be happy just to brush up and catch the odd glimpse of them working. On the other hand it is great when lure builders make videos of what they do, saving me from all that nasty travelling and hanging about in airports. This is a two part video from Shenanigan a Japanese lure maker, it really gets into the detail of how he works. I think there is always a fear with lure makers that sharing a process will somehow give the competition a foot up. Watching these videos and the way he makes lures I kind of realized no matter how much he gives away, there will be few who can give the commitment required to produce these amazing lures.

check out the action

Link to Shigenaga Facebook page

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Brendan's Fabulous World of Fishing

I am a bit of a Youtube amateur fishing show junky and there are a fair number made in America that are always worth a watch. Brendan's Fabulous World of Fishing is one that sticks out because it is more about fishing and less about big boats,big engines, high fives and fist bumping. So if your looking help whatever Christmas leftovers you have managed to cram onto a sandwich digest, put your feet up and lets go swamping for bass.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Fire Tiger with Mr Craft and Mad Lures

This is a paint tutorial showing Mr Craft's very own take on the popular fire tiger lure pattern. Mr Craft of Mad Lures has a truly unique style, it is almost a little like grunge mixed with modern graffiti  and graphics. Check out his Facebook page if you looking for some lures you wont get off the peg or to see some inspirational paint work. Viva La france    link to Mr Craft website