DIY Lure Projects

How to make a balsa Crankbait

Part 1  Carving the body and fitting out

Part 2 Finishing the lure

How To Make A Simple Wooden Lure

An instructional video showing how to turn a paint brush into a simple wooden lure.

How To Make A Buzzbait

An instruction video With PDF's
covering the basics of making a

How To Make A Spinnerbait

       An instructional video and drawings of how
       I make spinnerbaits from wire and weights
       through to blades and skirts.

                                                                                   How To Make A lead Free Jig Head

       A quick step by step video guide
       to making lead free jig heads.

How To Make A Jig Spinner

       Instructional video and drawings of
       a jig spinner. This is a simple project
       that transforms the humble jig head by
       the addition of a vibrating of a spinner blade

How To Tie Mackerel feather Rigs

       Video and photographic instructions for
       making probably the most popular
       fishing rig the world over.

Part 1 Making the lures
Part 2 Assembling the rig

How to Tie Mackerel Feather Rigs HD

This and improved series of HD videos
showing how to make a range lures.

The Phox Minnow
A lure designed for the home builder.

This project includes 7 in depth videos that covers
building a balsa wood minnow lure from start to
finish. PDF plans can be found beneath the videos
on Youtube.

These are the videos I wished I had when I started
building balsa lures.

My personal aim for this project was to design an effective fishing lure that could be built by the average fisherman without the need for a workshop equipped with expensive power tools.

Part 1  Shaping the through wire

Part 2  Making the weights and fitting
Part 3  Carving the lure body

Part 4  Making and lip and lip slot

Part 5  Glueing and sealing the lure

Part 6 Painting, adding eyes and fitting lip

Part 7 Clear coating, fitting hooks and testing

How To Make Jointed Sand Eel Lures

      A video guide to making a very simple
      and effective lure from polymer clay.

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