Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Totally Awesome Lure Making with James Lanfear

This is the latest video from the Totally Awesome Fishing Show featuring James Lanfear,
a great British lure builder, which is not as rare as it used to be. Hopefully with this inspiring video there will be a few more people prepared to turn the spare room or shed into a fully functioning lure workshop and at the same time save their marriage.

The Totally Awesome Fishing Show is one of my favourite youtube fishing channels run by father and son team the Pullens who I often wistfully imagine as a WWE wrestling team (maybe one day). Graeme Pullen, or dad as his son calls him has been a fishing journalist, writer, videographer and youtuber long enough to have probably seen it all. And when he is not fighting sharks or catching monster carp on baked beans he is sharing that wealth of knowledge experience through his channel in an accessible way that doesn't involve trying to sell you a brand of fishing tackle or a fist bumping personality.

For me this is what is great about you-tube getting access to people who give a sh*t about fishing and helping others. Viva La Pullens Please Subscribe to their channel. like, share, and leave them some kind words of support or I promise you the only fishing on you-tube will be some gimp in a buff casting for tarpon with a fly rod while on his day off from being a billionaire bastard banker (yes that is alliteration, but I think it works).