Sunday, 23 October 2011

Snell or Whipping Knot

Image Above: A mackerel shelters from the rain
Location: Isle of Erraid, Mull, Scotland

I should have gathered by now that when the weather isn`t suitable for boat fishing it doesn’t mean it will be any better if I choose to fish off the rocks. This afternoon it wasn’t, it rained hard enough for a small river to develop inside my waterproofs and I had the sensation of wetting myself without the pleasure of the accompanying warmth. I stuck it out for an hour with a float rig and landed a larger than average mackerel. Having had to wait on previous trips for the mackerel to hook themselves after they had pulled at the bait strips for ten or even twenty minutes I decided against using a single hook opting for a new three hook set-up instead (see below). The mackerel took the bait on the first pull and the float disappeared. I waited before retrieving just to make sure it was hooked but half expecting my float to re-surface signalling the fish was still free as had happened too many times in the past. After a minute the line tightened, I lifted the rod and the fish turned and shot towards me. It wasn’t really a fight, too much like being at the fishmonger’s with an open bag.

The fun element left me finally when I bent down and the puddle that had developed in my hood ran down my back. Living on a small island at least ensures that the walk home is never longer than half an hour and in this case five minutes.

Image below: Alternative Pennel Rig and snell or whipping knot

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