Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I am getting there

Image above: Handmade spoon lures, cast in Polyurethane, through wired and weighted, covered with textured foil, airbrushed and just awaiting a coat or two of Epoxy.

  This is it, the first day of producing fishing lures that will hopefully end up for sale.  I have spent the last three weeks preparing and making enough mistakes to have probably learnt something. If I had known how hard it was going to be and how much I would have to learn I am not entirely sure I would have started down this route. That said it has been fun so far, hopefully if I can sell them I may avoid getting a proper job and spend every Monday morning at the water’s edge and the rest of the week making lures. 


  1. go for it mate ,your lures are top notch,as a fellow artist i wish you well and remember that we work to play so keep the ballance ,just enough work to play and if it doesnt meet your expectations dont be hard on your self,your art will undoubtedly outlive you ,one day an old boy will pick one up in a flea market and remember how his father once baught one just like it.whilst this is my first comment here i have been following your blog for a long while.
    keep up your great and inspirational work.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

  3. hello Paul,
    i've just discovered your blog and your creation.
    i really like your job, first of all ,a s a fisherman but also as a lure maker, i'm not as talented as you (i mostly make soft lure),
    thanks for sharing your experience,
    best regards,
    Eric From Far West of France...

    1. I used to think lure making was about talent but I have come to realise it is more about being obsessive compulsive than anything else. I keep telling myself that i will get round to making some soft lures when i get the chance. Glad you enjoyed the blog, thanks