Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mackerel Fishing With Homemade Feather Rigs

There are those rare times when I am fishing that a fear creeps in. It is not the fear of going home empty handed but the fear that it is all a dream and in a moment the lap of the water and the tension on line will fade and I will wake up in an office with only the hum of copier machine for company.  


  1. I got out of the rat race last year and moved to Donegal in Ireland and discovered rock fishing and beach casting, I was in heaven!! didn't catch very much but I was on huge deserted beaches and lonely isolated rocks where my head was starting to come right again. Then came summer and the masses appeared, beaches too full to cast a line, rocks covered in crap left behind by tossers from the city (no offence) and I have actually put my rods away until they all go home again with the comforting thought in mind that they all have to go but I get to stay here, roll on autumn/winter.....

    1. I have fished alone off the coast Iona in a small boat with only the basking sharks for company and in an inner city park lake where casting accuracy is required to prevent fights and I think for me it is all about water I get to put a line into another world, somewhere I can only imagine and occasionally I get to pull something out, that is there for me despite the crowds or lack of them.