Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Making a balsa weight shift lure part 1 of 2

The warehouse is actually colder inside than outside where the wind blows clean off the river and the docks. I am trying to finish a project I am working on, a giant dog puppet that has dragged on far too long. Next to us they are filming a rock video. The band tell us they have flown in from Brussels to work with the director and drop a name which being an old git I am not sure if it is the band or the director, either way I nod.    

When they return to their green room I get a few minutes to marvel at the camera cranes, huge tripods that carry very expensive digital cinema cameras and the bits of track they have laid out. I am left feeling a bit amateur. Apart from my camera, a pair of cheap lights and some tripods that have seen better days my kit consists of inline skate wheels attached to a plank of wood for a slider, a swivel chair and some gaffer tape for doing circular panning shots. They have a swarm of go-pros and I am still sticking my camera in a plastic lunch box to use in bath.  Jealousy is never a pretty thing and it is far too close to Christmas to be thinking of buying myself presents or kit. 


  1. I'm always amazed at the quality of your videos. It is hard to believe that you don't have an arsenal of high tech equipment at your disposal. I thought that you had a professional setup as the quality is so high. You are on par with professionals with your quality currently so I would say that better equipment wouldn't improve much...

  2. Fundamentally the quality of the image comes from having enough light and setting the camera on the right settings. I think better background equipment means getting the shots is less of a battle, skateboards were never designed to be camera dollys but they work if your prepared to put up to an hour to get one 5 second shot and likewise for swivel chairs. But also poverty brings a different approach to doing things and some of the shots I am most proud of came because I didn't have the equipment and had to try something different. Thanks

  3. Paul you are one of the best luremakers I have ever seen , I am fan of your work and I'm doing a pox that I took here from your blog
    hugs and keep this way