Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Making Reed Fishing Floats with Plastic Parts

I could of picked a better day to go fishing but with a video complete and uploaded I felt like I deserved a little me time, or me and hopefully some fish time.  I expected with the weather to have the local lake to myself give or take the odd truant but It wasn't to be. As I set up my tackle I noticed some rather large swirls out in the water and then a group of police men on the bank. The polce divers had gone in for a dip and  when I asked one member of the crew if I could fish he said the rest of the lake was mine. I wondered  whether to ask about the possibility of them looking for some of the lures I had lost but I am guessing they had other things on their minds. I didn't give it too long the water was quickly turning to mud which was drifting down towards me.


  1. I like this video. It's the old fasion handcrafting with the modern plastic end pieces that make it work so well. I will have to give it a try. Where did you order the plastic ends and tips from?

  2. If you go to youtube in the video description there is a list of parts i used with the sizes and also the supplier in the UK. I am Currently working on the next video which doesn't require the specialist parts. Thanks