Sunday, 3 May 2015

Making Reed Fishing Floats (bobbers) with the hand cranked lathe

I am never really sure with any video or project exactly where I am going to end up, scripts and storyboards if I bother to make them, can only do so much in steering but there are always surprises. I think what started me down the track of making my own floats was the disposable way mass produced floats tend to get treated almost like bic pens. It seams I am always finding their snapped plastic stems stuck in the mud or the margins of ponds or lake.  I have devoted a fair amount of my free time to stirring at fluorescent blobs of paint in lakes or ponds, long enough for it to be considered semi religious and with any relic there has to be some kind respect. So I wanted to make a float that if it decided to take up residency in a snag it would return to dust without doing to much damage to the pond on route, but it had to start out looking somewhere between a candle and an incense stick.

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