Tuesday, 18 August 2015

No Tanks No Testing just some fishing, Nuffinbutfishing and Willem Romeijn

If tank test Tuesday is about anything for me it is about not feeling alone. There is a comfort in knowing that around the world other lost souls are throwing things they have made in water in the hopes that what ever has occupied their thoughts and hands for the previous weeks, months or even years makes sense when wet.

But as someone who is also burdened with the desire to makes short films about fishing I need some assurance that there are others equally obsessed with dragging cameras about along with their landing nets and then when it is time to leave the water editing into the early hours. It is fair to say I am not alone, so I get a choice of where to find comfort and some inspiration and so for today's tank test I am visitng a couple of those places, the youtube channels of Nuffinbutfishing from the UK and Willem Romejin from Holland, a couple of young (yes I feel Old) fishing film-makers. As luck would have it both of them have managed to upload their latest videos today. I don't really want to say too much about these videos other than if the future of fishing is going to be carried on anybodies shoulders I rather it was people like these.

I try and keep away from telling other people what to do but if you have enjoyed these films click on the youtube icon and subscribe to their channels, even make the effort to press the like button and then if you haven't worn your fingers to the bone share them on your facebook because other people might also enjoy them and they are probably sick of you posting pictures of your dog or selfies. thanks

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