Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tank Test Tuesday Bettencourt Baits

There is a fine line in puppetry where the inanimate springs to life, it is not just movement but movement that is recognisable as that of something living or in this case dying. Nathan Bettencourt of Bettencourt Baits has not only managed to add some lively swimming action to some of the swim baits he makes but he has also captured a little glimpse of the afterlife. When paused on the retrieve these lures roll onto their sides and gently float up to the surface as if they are staring down that long tunnel towards the light. For years lure companies around the world have been telling us that their lures have that wounded minnow action; Bettencourt's Dying Trout and Dying Bluegill lures on the other hand have a more compelling, mortally wounded action. At one point while watching these videos I was reminded of one of those events all adults face who have children that keep goldfish as pets, as his lure rose in its death throes to the surface I found myself wondering if I had a match box spare to bury the deceased. Check out his website at Bettencourtbait.com

Image above:Dying Bluegill

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