Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How to make a balsa lure part 4

Image Right: what you could have won............

Link To Pdf   Materials and tool list for lip        
Link to Pdf    Jig and lip templates

Some days are just a bit crappy and the fish don’t bite. I have a whole list of excuses for these days , a change in the weather, too much rain, too much mud in the water, the wrong lure, the right lure the wrong colour……. It goes on. I tried everything today I had the whole arsenal out and even managed to create a new lure (new to me) by combining a spinner with a wooden plug. I fished deep, mid water and surface. I changed colours from bright reds to softer blues; I picked up the pace, dropped it back, twitched, walloped and cranked the baits. It was not a good morning.  


  1. Bonjour l'ami
    très intéressent

  2. thanks for your tutorial love it :) can you please post the template for lip cutting jig and lip :) thanks again

    1. I have just posted the links, thanks for pointing it out

      Paul Adams

  3. Is there a general rule of thumb to figure out what lip size shape and angle to use compared to how deep you would like your bait to go, or how crazy of a wobble you would like it to have?



    1. I think the thing with lips and lures is there is no standard set of rules, everytime i have read an artical written about this topic which gives rules of thumb in pratice i find them unworkable. Lips, weight of lure, shape, boyancy and a host of other things go into what makes a lure swim like it does, many times i find just altering one factor can influence the lure's action. Thus probably doesn't help that much, but i always start from the point of trying to make a lure do a certain thing and then work towards that aim, sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation and sometimes it takes a lot. Thanks