Thursday, 1 November 2012

Part 6 the end is a bit nearer but not yet

The penultimate video, I feel like Cecil B Demille but maybe a little poorer. While I am prating round with wooden fish my little brother is providing animation instillations for the Victoria and Albert Museum,  obviously when he grows up he too will film wooden fish.  Tomorrow I will fish not film and do some other work I have been putting off. 


  1. I use a 5 minute epoxy to secure the bills in my lures. Have you ever had one come off with only superglue?

    Great video series.

  2. The super glue is only to hold it in place temporarily, the two topcoats of epoxy will naturally build up around the base of the lip and stop it from ever coming out. I have snapped lips made from thinner material but the end stayed in the lure.

  3. THANK YOU for publishing this info.
    I just found your blog and plan to start making your lures this weekend. (If the weatherman is correct about the big rainstorm :-)

    1. Good luck, i planned something similar one weekend a few years ago and now i regularly attend lure makers anonymous. Cheers

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