Friday, 9 November 2012

Starting At The End

Having in one way reached the end of the construction part of this set of videos I find myself at the beginning with a lure, a rod and a lake. I have been taking bits of wood shaping, painting them and throwing them in the water for over five years and I still get excited every time one of my fishing lures springs to life at the end of a line, but when it stops dead in the water and the rod arcs as something grabs hold that’s when it all kind of makes sense.  

I would not of been able to make these videos without the help, inspiration or encouragement of other lure fanatics, those people who share to the ‘how to’ either as bloggers, video makers, writers, professional lure makers or the people who take time to answer question on forums so thanks and thanks to my family for dealing with my lure obsession with compassion, understanding and only occasionally singing or shouting in background while I was filming.

Special thanks to

Solarfall Baits, Genie Lures, Hansom Lures, Maki Lures, Pondbuster Lures, Lure Passion Italy, Manart Craft Baits, Mac Tackle, 61diemai, Japanese Handmade Lure Blog, Salty Water Rusty Memories, Dawn Patrol, Brain Pope and Tails From The River Bank for the encouragement and Lauri Rapala.


  1. I love the use of the syringes for measuring. I will have to do that the next time.

    Thanks for the nod. You keep putting your quality blog posts and videos, and I will keep watching them.

  2. I just want to say thanks for all the work you did and sharing it...I am following the Phox Minnow videos now. I got the weights cut and the thru wire and carving done last night. Still working on the jig and lip. Thank you very much for the videos I hope to see more in the days to come. If it werent for the detail vids It wont be possible for a old fart like me.

  3. Cheers and i have to say i have officially joined the the old farts club according to my oldest soon, i was never cool in the first place so it is no great loss.

  4. Thank you Paul, you video series on how to build a crank bait from scratch is the best available right now!