Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Mackerel Feather Rigs Revisited

I have been back over some old ground, creating some more mackerel rig videos but I felt the original needed some improvements. Hopefully the addition of new patterns and videos will make the process of tying your own a little easier and maybe I can move on to breaking some new ground or at least get out fishing.

Stop Press. 
Depressingly the Marine Stewardship Council have taken mackerel off the ‘fish to eat list’ due to the threat of overfishing to its breeding stock in the north east Atlantic. 


  1. Paul,

    Thanks for the revisit to the mackerel rigs. I've been tying the curling ribbon type for a while and needed a change. I use many rigs in the summer catching mackerel to eat and to use as bait for the Mighty Maine Striped Bass. I priced the rigs in a couple of tackle shops here and I am saving around $3.75 per rig I make.

    Thanks again!


    1. In the UK these rigs can be bought by the dozen for as little a dollar a piece, consequently a great many of them are not as good as they could be. I began tying these because it was costing me more in rigs than boat fuel and the fish I was catching were becoming a little too expensive. I love mackerel and here in the uk it is a summer visitor, making my own rigs, catching and eating my own fish feels a little like being part of something older. One of my dreams is to build a small man powered boat maybe an outrigger canoe and catch mackerel from it, maybe it will happen this year.

      Thanks and I hope the summer season goes well, let me know if you get a chance.

      Paul Adams