Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Making a Bulletproof Glide Bait

I am starting to feel at home with my camera and to be honest it has been I long time since I have felt like that. I used to love stills photography I mean really love it, but to get there I had to get past the camera. It wasn’t that I had to understand how it worked as a machine; I had to know it almost as if it was just another limb.  Video is a little different, the image doesn’t stand alone it is part of a narrative something to hold the viewers’ attention or transport them through the story.  

An old picture of the River Mersey a long way from the sea


  1. How's the glider series coming Paul?

    1. slow at the momment busy with work, hopefully out tomorrow night to get some more fishing foottage for part 2.

  2. Hi I'm Brooks Clarke and I'm looking to get sponsored for the first time. I would love to get your name out there and get people through your doors! Please email or call me back ASAP. I have some great fishing videos on YouTube if you look up my channel brooks clarke. thank you so much.

  3. Sorry, I make fishing lures for myself and my friends