Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Fits, jerks and bad advice

Why is it always the guy who hasn’t got a fishing rod in hands or looks like he has ever owned one that is willing to give you the benefit of his advice when you’re fishing? This evening I was given a list of things by one kind passer-by that I was doing wrong, including using the wrong lure, wrong rod and wrong spot. When he finally pissed off I went back catching pike.

It was not the greatest of evenings and I had hoped to do a bit of filming with a glide bait, but despite the forecast for a rain free couple of hours it was chucking it down and blowing a gale. I had taken four jacks and the rain and wind had only eased long enough for me to actually get a small amount of video of me releasing one little fella while stood in the water.

I am beginning to like jerk baits but I have no natural rhythm when it comes to the retrieve. I can only dream of walking the dog or even getting some kind of steady glide going for more than half a dozen jerks. Instead I manage to get them to dance something like my father at a family wedding which the pike are rather keen on.


  1. I have always found it more tough to get a good "walk the dog" retrieval when you are at water level. For me, standing on a dock or boat always makes it easier. That and most of the gear I fish with these days doesn't have a fast enough tip to get that motion.

  2. This is realy my first adventure into heavy jerk baits and i have a lot to learn, but this lure in two short sessions has taken some hits only about a third which have managed to land. I think the enjoyable part of this fishing is it brings it home how much all the parts rod, lure, reel, trace and fisherman go into making it work. I think you maybe right some more speed or flexibilty in my rod tip may help to get a longer draw rather than sharp jerks, cheers Brian