Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Test Tank Tuesday Vodkaman's Opus

Not all test tanks are made equal, I personally have the bath or a shallow stretch of pond but there are some of us who dream a little bigger. This is Vodkaman's set up and when he is not using it to test his own lures he rents it out to the French navy so they can test half size models of their latest frigates. As someone who has spent a lot of time dragging things through water watching these baits in close up is both mesmeric and an education without a fat ugly teacher asking you where your homework is (you know who your are).

Vodkaman (Tackleunderground user name) despite the name is not made of fermented and distilled potatoes, his alter ego Dave has day job, background in automotive engineering and aerodynamics and when he is not working for the man in his spare time he builds and tests baits. But rather than just throwing them in a bag after testing and going fishing he is really interested in studying why they move as they do and that murky world of hydrodynamics that some of us have nightmares about.

By his own admission other activities have taken him a way from serious bait making for a couple of years but he is soon to be back in the saddle with new ideas and possibly a bit of enterprise. He just needs to get the tank back from the local school who have been using for diving lessons. Also check out Tacklunderground.com which I suppose for a lot of us is this on-line home of lure crafting and you may see Dave, I mean Vodkaman there.

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  1. My next tank is on the drawing board. It will be the same design as above; two 4' sections, but with an extra 4' section in the middle. This is a modular design, dry screwed together and can be dismantled into individual panels.

    If anyone would like plans or more details, I would be happy to oblige.