Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Gunki Rotterdam

I am not one for publicising brands especially ones that have a budget enough to do it themselves, but I have to be honest I like this video. Maybe there is too many gang signs and a little to many high fives but it made me want to grab my drop-shot box and jump on ferry to Rotterdam.


  1. I'm lure fisher al my life (i'm 51) without highfives and sh... music from Holland. But it seems to be the way the young ones want to fish (at least my son say's). So i drive him to his game day's (and then i go fishing somewhere else)
    But to be honest, i think it's a great way of getting young people to fish

    1. yes i can honestly say i have managed to get through my life without resorting to high fives, and generally fish "somewhere else" also