Sunday, 30 April 2017

Soft plastic creature baits made easy with ComposiMold

I am guilty of wanting to endlessly experiment with new lure making methods and this is a great one from a small US company called ComposiMold. Using their, reusable mould compound and a quick set silicone the world of making soft plastics appears to be a little more accessible, there is no hot pvc and wearing breathing apparatus..

The first video is straight copy of cheap toy bug but in the second there is kit with interchangeable parts so you can come up with your own baits which I really like as an idea.

I think I may have to put this on my wish list and see if it lives up to the videos but the principles are pretty sound and they seem like a nice bunch people that is until I watched the video below. I think they may have made this with a little bit of tongue and cheek but still I feel like I have wandered into the strange bit of the internet. Go check them out and if you give it go, let me know about your bait making adventures.   

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