Thursday, 4 May 2017

Beautiful stingy, biting, crawling things from Ootani of Japan

This little collection of creatures that wouldn’t look out of place behind the glass cabinets of a natural history museum are as you have guessed; handmade fishing lures from Japan. Their creator  Yuusuke Ootani lives a little northwest of Tokyo and sells his lure under the name Ootanikontyuukan to those samurai who have given up the sword in favour of a rod and river or lake full of bass ( those lucky bass).

Ootani carves the originals from wood and then makes a mould which he uses to cast lightweight resin  copies. He then hand paints the tiny stripes and details before fitting handmade wings, legs and hooks.

At the moment he sells his creations only in Japan and I sense those words may result in a few groans in other parts of the globe but he has plans to spread his wings. (I could not avoid that pun)

In the meantime we shall just have to be content to stare in wonder while we ignore our wives who are shouting for us to ‘get off the internet and come and get our dinner’.

This is his facebook page when your allowed back on-line

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