Friday, 12 May 2017

Painting with Mel Lures, Camo Pike

I have to admit with this video I have a vested interest as a good part of the camera work is mine. I filmed it last year in Ireland and it has been sat on my hard drive for a very long time so Maciej (of Mel Lures) who I was filming thought he would edit it together and put it on his channel and to be honest the editing is what makes it. The only problem is I had lost a some off the files, when I say lost maybe deleted would be more accurate , it is not something I remember doing but then remembering yesterday is often a challenge.

Anyway he has done a better job than I would've done (not sure I should tell him that ) and added  a voice-over which explains things very clearly, oh yeah and he went and caught some fish with it. Once again people go wear out his channel with likes and shares and if you have not subscribed to his channel I can only assume you're using a computer in prison.

While I am in the mood for self promotion here is a video I made about Maciej last year as a bonus.

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