Monday, 8 May 2017

Team Adarix makes, rigs and fishes soft plastic lures

I am not a big fan of Sweden after spending half my weekend inside one of the monsters they created that is Ikea. I was forced to answer questions on which particular piece of glassware was more suited to our household; which is really very difficult when no part of you cares in the slightest. I was not the only one to suffer this fate, I did bump into a Minotaur who was looking for some greek guy while Mrs Minotaur was asking him about soft furnishings.

Anyway, rant over. Despite Sweden's Crimes against humanity on the positive side they do have more than their fair share of lure makers as these soft plastic shad videos show. As my grasp of Swedish only extends to knowing the name of coffee tables I cannot tell you much about the guy or guys behind the vids only to say they look young which may tell you more about me than them.

I invite you to take a moment, maybe put some ABBA on the (whatever device is current) and see how lure making is done.  I have included three videos which are roughly translated as Making soft plastic shads, Rigging and Fishing and they do all three very well.

I know as older people there is a fashion for moaning about what young people do or don’t do, but I have got to be honest and say I should of been doing what these guys are doing when I was their age instead wearing out street corners. Let us send this guy or guys some encouragement on their channel and videos maybe, subscribe, like, share, leave a comment.

Viva la Sweden

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