Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday morning at the office for some lucky barstools, Carl and Alex

If this is not their day job it should be, Carl and Alex are brothers, fishermen, film-makers, and still at an age that does not require them to use glasses to read ingredients on food packets; dam them. As someone who dabbles in fishing and fumbles through film making I have some understanding of the time, effort and in their case the talent required to make films at their standard. So even though unfortunately they are big carp fishing fans (no one is perfect) I still come back to their films looking for inspiration and a stonking great story, told with enthusiasm and care; they never fail to disappoint.

Their latest adventure is a tale from both sides of the pond, I mean the big pond which sees them teaming up with another pair of siblings (I cannot even get my brother to come fishing with me, or make me toast) to take up carp fishing challenges both at home in England and the USA.

I know there is a great future in this field for these guys but lets help them get there a little sooner by adding our support and subscribing and sharing the sh*t out of their videos.

P.s. When I grow up I want to be Carl or Alex

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