Sunday, 15 November 2015

The holiday is over

It has been a few months since I posted a blog, but the break has given me a chance to think about and try other things. In August I took a trip back up to Scotland and Mull where I used to live and made a short fundraising film with some friends who have a croft there. I stayed in the off grid camping hut they were hoping to be able to complete with funds from the film. When the film was complete It took a little over a day for their campaign to raise the money needed and a little over what they expected as a bonus. The hut itself is just a short walk from a phenomenal fishing spot where previously I had filmed the end of the “Making a Coffee Packet Mackerel Rig”, so let's just say I spent some time when not filming fishing.

I always seem to be going backwards and forwards between the future and the past, and although Mull is largely the past for me it was great to be part of something and also to be inspired again by a landscape and the people like my friends who are making a life there. Seeing Celia’s nervousness about appearing in front of the camera for the film really made me face up to actually dealing with my own unease at being in front of the camera for my lure making films.

So for my next project the ‘Five Minute Epoxy Trout Glider’ I stuck my ugly mug up front and also as a first decided to work with my wife for the film. I think when we had finished the video it almost felt like the first complete film I had been involved in; it had a real sense of story not just ‘look at this pretty lure’. After getting featured on Field and Stream’s website in the USA it quickly picked up some viewing figures.

For the future the blog is back and I will posting every few days again about lure making, fishing, and filming and just other shit that makes me feel happy. Well at least until something comes along to give me another break. Film wise I am working on a knife inspired lure which should be out in a week or so and then I think I want to finally make a swimbait.

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  1. The "Epoxy Glider" is inspiring on so many levels. I can't wait to see the "SwimBait" video.